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The process of clusteeadache treatment

Lets see what really the „Szereres type” therapy is about!

It is a special ear acupuncture treatment, which was started to be used especially aimed for cluster by acccident and after one and a half year hardworking research finally reached its today’s shape.

Which points and in which order need to be stimulated in the ear among the nearly 180 acupunctural points, is today still a professional secret. I am looking forward to share it with doctor and non-doctor collegues who are interested, once taking out the patent and to train more and more cluster therapists…but lets cover this later.

The treatments are carried out on consective days, generally 8-10 times, which is, as per my experience, necesarry to be able to close the actual period of attacks.

Yes, the primer aim is to close it. However, let me tell You that 93-95% of my patients have never had any attacks after the therapy.

Although I am always asked, but unforunately can not predict how many treatments will be necesarry, as each patient is different, so their clusters are different as well. And certainly, there are similarities, but at the same time big diffences also.

As per my observations, we can confirm the period of attacks to be closed after three symptom-free days, for those having daily attacks. Regarding the ones having attacks randomly in 2-3 days, its more difficult to define the exact end.

In order to be able to predict the costs and process of the treatments I suspend the treatments after having 3 days and 2 nights without any symptoms and only continue with the treatments in case of further attacks.

Few words about the costs: the first two treatments are free for everybody. My aim with that is to let the patient experience the change and thus can decide if wish to continue. (further treatments cost 4000 HUF / treatment)

You might raise now the question: WHY?

More than 200 cured patients can prove that my therapy is working (majority of them are available and open to share their experiences)

I do not want to sell a blind bargain or dishonestly earn money by misleading anyone with false promises, as unfortunately there are many of such cases making use of the desparate cluster patients.

Although we speak about cluster headache as an uncurable disease, there are some medical and alternative therapies/treatments (beside Szekeres therapy) which are effective for a certain period of time. These can mitigate the strength and /or shorten the attacks. And they are certainly exist, so its worth to try them, get familiar with their effects and side effects.

I count all uncertified „therapys” found in internet to be used for ones own risk, and would rather not recommend to anyone. Here I refer to ’magic mushroom’ , LSD and other illegal drugs.

My cluster headache therapy works with 93-95% effectiveness. There are no side attacks and as per my experiences one can get rid of the cluster headache for long term, maybe forever.

Ultimate healing I can not promise and prove (yet), however its worth to consider that only 5-7% of my patients needed additional treatments so far.

IMPORTANT: the treatment is highly affected _ can even be retarded – by antiboitics, steroids and /or hormonal drugs

Where You can meet me?

In Budapest I am available at two sites and in exceptional cases also in Tolna county.

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